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Horton Kirby Bowling Club 
General Information

Horton Kirby Bowling Club is open from the middle of April each year until the end of September for bowling purposes with social events being held throughout the year.  

Horton Kirby Bowling Club is owned by the Club members and all of the work necessary to keep the club running is carried out voluntarily by the members.

We have a Management Committee and in addition, Men's and Ladies Bowling Committees.

We are always seeking new members and we encourage members to take up a position on any of the Committees.

If it interests you, please let us know.

There is a lot of work in running the club including cutting and caring for the Bowling Green, assisting with the gardens, cutting hedges, general maintenance and administration etc.

If you are willing and able to assist in any capacity please let us know.

There are matches most weekends on both Saturday and Sunday afternoons as well as a number of mid-week matches during the season, and as a Club member, you are expected to make yourself available for at least 10 games during the season.

To be selected for the Club representative matches, you must abide by this 10 game rule.

However, if you do not play the ten games, this will not affect your membership as you will still be able to play in the weekend games and use the Green as and when you wish.

There are a number of Competitions that you may enter which will enable you to play against individuals or teams from within the club and from other clubs as well.

For general inhouse play, you can wear everyday clothing within reason with accepted bowling shoes. 

For Club matches, you are expected to wear Club shirts and white trousers unless otherwise stated in fixture list.

We have four types of membership which are :  “Full”, “Junior”, “Day” and “Social”.  Both “Full” and “Juniors” are able to play for the Club in matches against other registered Clubs and also enter individual competitions run by Bowls England, Kent County Bowling Association, Bexley Borough, Dartford and District Bowling Association, Gravesend and District Bowls Association and any other registered Bowls Association.  Many Clubs run competitions that run over a day, weekend or a whole week. “Full” and “Junior” members can enter those as well.

There are also a number of internal club competitions in which you can pit your wits and skills against other members. It is a great opportunity to gain some experience and knowledge.

“Day” members are able to use all of the Club’s facilities but will not be able to play for the Club or enter the Club’s internal competitions. They may request to change their membership from “Day” to “Full” membership at any time. They can only enter and use the green with a full member as no keys are given.

“Social” members can attend the Club at any time it is open  but will not be able to play Bowls unless they change their membership status. 

Cost of membership

2024 SEASON  membership fees are:

Full member – Men                        £110

Full member – Ladies                     £110

Junior ( under 21yrs of age )          £ 30

Day member                                    £ 30

Social member                                 £ 10


The Club is registered with the Kent County Bowling Association and Bowls England.
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